Our Story


It is with a grateful heart that we welcome you to Seaside Gallery and Goods ~ a collective that was not actually planned but evolved by following the path set before us.

.In June, 2011, Kathy Shaw started the "Pelican Courtyard Flea Market", an open-air market consisting of local artists and vendors which was held in the adjoining outdoor Pelican Courtyard in Newport Beach. The word spread quickly about this little artisan market, which people found to have quality merchandise, locally made and at affordable prices.

In 2013, Kathy expanded by leasing space at the Newport Beach Farmer's Market in Lido Village on Lido Island.  During that time, she developed and sharpened her communication and event organization skills, grew as a logistics manager with dozens of vendors, and gained a tremendous appreciation for the life of a traveling show vendor.

Kathy and her husband Tony, witnessed first-hand the hard work and passion that was required to create a product, load it in the car, take it to market, set up an entire store, sell all day, pack it back up, and take it home, unload it, and then do it all again...sometimes 4 days a week, traveling to different markets within hours of each other.  Not to mention, with the popularity of Social Media, these vendors had to market themselves as well.  For the vendors, it was not a perfect situation but so many were doing it to support their families or make extra income during a difficult recession.  Some were doing it as a creative outlet for fun.  When the remodel started in Lido Village in the spring of 2014, they had no choice but to move what had become our the Newport Open Air Market to another new location - McFadden's Wharf by the Newport Pier, which was to take place on a monthly trial basis from May through September.

Often there are those moments when you raise your hands to God and ask "What is the direction in which you want me to go?"  One such moment happened that July when Kathy had lined up 30 vendors, dealt with horrific parking and traffic issues, got everyone in place for the market to open at the Newport Pier only to find as the market opened, that there were no people, no cars, no bicycles…at all, at the Newport Pier…in the middle of summer??  Newport had a huge gas leak one block from the pier, moments before the market started and all access to the market was completely shut down, until shortly after the market closed.

Kathy took this as a huge sign, that this was not the direction she was to go.

As serendipity would have it, Winnow Gallery & Goods, a shop that had existed for 7 years off Tustin Avenue and in front of the Pelican Courtyard, where our open air market first began, decided to close up shop that August.  That's when the idea came to her.  Why not open a store consisting of a collection of vendors?  We would share the space, share the rent, share responsibilities and mostly we would finally have a place to settle with a built-in support system from our traveling open-air market experiences together.  The idea tugged at her heart and with the support of her husband Tony...it felt right.  And with the support of many of those vendors, most of whom had supported her from the very beginning, she pulled the trigger and formed Seaside Gallery & Goods - a collective.

Fast forward a few years and here we are! To think that "Seaside" has turned into this charming and inspirational store is unbelievable to say the least.  Seaside became the place where we learned how to work as a team and we loved the idea that we were “making Newport Beach and the local community beautiful and original, one customer at a time.”  Not to mention the fact that we were inspired to bring unique artistry and items to customers who enjoy the things which make living by the California coast so joyous.  Our work and the collective became meaningful to us in ways that we never imagined. Soon we began hosting informative and fun events in the Pelican Courtyard from painting and candle making to floral and succulent design to culinary events.  What an amazing 3 years this has been!

On behalf of the Seaside Gallery & Goods Collective, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read Our Story.  We look forward to meeting you at the store or hosting you for one of our fun-filled events.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our many talented artists and creative entrepreneurs if you have any questions or comments. 

We so appreciate you, our customers and friends.


Seaside Gallery and Goods


Our collective of talented people includes:

  • Ilona Werner Martin Fine Art
  • Pacific and Rose Textiles
  • Honey Hostetler
  • Sea Debris Designs
  • Bluegrass
  • Harry Barker
  • The Cottage Greenhouse
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Succulent Style 
  • Top Drawer Designs
  • Frank Royce - Creations in Wood
  • Eva Florence
  • Mercedes Shaffer Designs
  • Maureen Madigan Designs
  • Indie Republic Designs
  • Mimi Toberman Skin Care