Check out these cool ways to spend your hot August days and nights in the Pelican Courtyard and Seaside Gallery:

August 2–Modern Calligraphy  10:30am-12:30

August 2- Cold Wax workshop  6:00pm-8:00

August 4-Hand lettering  10:00am -12:00

August 7-Watercolor: Seascapes 10:00am-12

August 9-Cold Wax workshop 6:00pm-8:00

August 14-Watercolor: Beach girls 10:00 am-12

August 15-Paint your Pet workshop 10:00 am-12

August 16- A bit of Art, Italian wines, and Ciccetti  5:00pm- 7

August 23- Cold Wax workshop 6:00pm-8

August 25-Hand lettering  10:00 am-12 

August 29-Paint your Boat workshop 10:00am-12

For full description of classes, and to register please go to our Gatherings and Workshops tab.

See you in the courtyard or the gallery!